Strong Earnings at Best Buy


The Story

Happy days (may be) here again.  Best Buy's second-quarter earnings are up a remarkable 61%.  This is good news the company can brag about, but some remain wary about consumer spending. 

 Best Buy

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Discussion Starters

  • How can Best Buy capitalize on this good news in its communication with customers, analysts, investors, and employees?
  • What are the potential downsides of Best Buy presenting a picture that's overly optimistic? How can company communicators temper their messages?

Assignment Ideas

  • As the VP of sales and marketing at Best Buy, write a memo to all employees reporting the quarterly results and congratulating the group on a job well done.
  • As the VP of the television division, one of the laggard groups at Best Buy, write a memo to employees in your division to share the results and help boost morale.
  • As the director of the notebook computer division, write a handwritten note to one of your employees who has done an exceptional job in the past three months. How can you, in a personal way, show your appreciation for his or her hard work?  You may add your own details and examples.