Get Your Inbox in Order


The Story

Google just released a beta version of Priority Inbox, a tool to help you manage your Gmail.  Priority Inbox categorizes messages, so you see the most important first.  This may be a good way to manage some of your email overload.

Gmail Priority Inbox

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Discussion Starters 

  • What are the effects of email overload?  What challenges do you face in managing your own email?
  • What alternatives to email are discussed in Chapter 1 and elsewhere in the book?
  • In what ways do you think Gmail Priority Inbox might be useful for you?  What new problems could it cause?

Assignment Ideas

  • In small groups, discuss ways you manage email messages today (e.g., filters, rules, folders). On your own, try one or two of the ideas you heard from other students. See what works for you.
  • If you use Gmail, install Priority Inbox and give it a try.  If you haven't used Gmail, sign up for a free account and see how email is managed through conversations.  Try it for a week to compare it to your current program.